May 9

Room 22 Moms

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend Firsties and Firstie Families!

One of the Seesaw activities this week was to take a selfie with your mom and tell something you like to do with your mom.  Here is a video of the firstie responses.  It will definitely make you smile.

What I Like to Do With My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Room 22 moms!  You are all amazing!

May 4

How Can It Be May Already?

Hello Room 22 Firsties and Firstie Friends & Family,

I hope you were able to spend time outside in the beautiful weather this weekend!

I feel like time stopped on Friday, March 13th.  And, yet, somehow we’ve navigated through April and here we are in May.  It is surreal.   Here is the link to the Week 4 Remote Learning Slideshow.  Your firsties (with your support and guidance) did some AMAZING learning!

Week 4 Slideshow

One of my favorite parts of Remote Learning is seeing what firsties are doing in Seesaw, because I get to see video of them reading, doing Choice Board activities, explaining their thinking – I miss their thinking so, so much.  One of the activities last week was to make a video introducing a family member.  Here are the videos that were made!

Video Yourself Introducing a Family Member

Tomorrow’s Good Morning activity is to make a video and tell what you like about pizza!  Check it out on Seesaw!  I can’t wait to see what the Room 22 Firsties have to say.

A week from today it will be Mother’s Day.  The Room 22 Firsties sure are lucky to have such amazing moms.  The Norton Public Schools social media challenge for this week celebrates moms (and grandmas, and aunts…)!  

I can’t wait to “see” everyone tomorrow!  I’m excited to see your baby pictures.  We are also going to start reading Flat Stanley!  You will know why I picked this book at the end of the week…

See you soon!

🙂  Miss Carlson





April 23

Earth Day Awesomeness

Happy Day After Earth Day Room 22 Firsties and Firstie Friends & Families!

Wow!  The Room 22 Firsties sure rocked Earth Day activities yesterday.  Here is a slideshow of all of the Earth Day Awesomeness!

I have one more video for you.  One of the Seesaw activities today was to make a “Good Morning” video introducing a stuffed animal.  Here are some of the videos…

Stuffed Animal Videos

I hope you had a great day! I had so much fun seeing everyone in small groups yesterday and today and can’t wait to see you altogether tomorrow!

🙂  Miss Carlson

April 21

Week 3 – Earth Day Week

Happy Tuesday Room 22 Firsties and Firstie Families & Friends,

I bet you noticed that your Choice Board has a theme this week!  Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day.  It’s a special because it is Earth Day’s 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Earth Day!

The Norton Public Schools challenge this week is perfect for Earth Day week.  The challenge is to take and post pictures of signs of spring!  Post your pictures on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #NPSSignsOfSpring and#NPSRisesAbove.

I just added two read alouds to the  Read Aloud Folder – I Am Earth and The Lorax.

Here is our favorite song from the Lorax.  This song definitely reminds us to take good care of the Earth…

I love the Choice Board work I have already seen today – awesome Earth Day posters and guided drawings!

I miss you all so, SO much!


Miss Carlson

April 14

Read Alouds…

The SUN is SHINING!  YAY!  That certainly was a lot of rain last night.  I heard some of you even lost power for a long time.  Yuck.  

Yesterday’s Zoom was fun!  I can’t believe we watched the Wonky Donkey! 

I’ll put the videos here in case you want to watch them again.

Today I want to write about read alouds.  Reading to you while you are all sitting at the carpet is my absolute favorite thing to do as a teacher.  I love watching you watch the words, reading them with me in your mind.  I like watching you study the illustrations to help you make sense of what you are hearing.  I love the questions you ask.  I love the way you answer my questions.  I love the CONNECTIONS you make – text to self, text to text, and text to world. 

I also love reading a chapter book to you during snack.  I also love that we are on the THIRD book in this series and I’m glad because you already know everything there is to know about Annabelle and Tiffany and their families.

Because we can’t all be together, I am really missing reading to you.  Reading to an iPad or computer is NOT the same at all.  Now, when I read, I picture you all sitting by my feet.  I picture your faces, your expressions, your sign showing me you are making  a connection…

I’m choosing books by Diana Alber because they all have a very special message…do you  know what that message is?  I loved meeting the Scribbles, Splatters, and Snippets and there are so many more cool characters to come.  I loved Invisible Scribble yesterday because the scribble wasn’t invisible at all – he was just WHITE on white paper!  That gave me the connection to WHITE CRAYON in The Day the Crayons Quit.  

Click here to see all the read alouds I have done so far… Miss Carlson’s Read Aloud Folder

Here are 3 more books that I will be reading soon…I can’t wait!

Diane Alber, the author and illustrator of these books has a great website with lots of printables and ideas to make your own scribble, splatter, snippet, and spot art!  Check her out at  

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.  I can’t wait to see you all in your small groups on Wednesday and Thursday.  

I miss you BIG!

🙂 Miss Carlson



April 10

End of Remote Learning Week 1

Happy Friday Firsties, Firstie Families, and Firstie Friends!

Here we are at the end of Remote Learning Week 1.  YOU HAVE ALL DONE AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB!  I am so, SO proud of you all.  I have loved seeing your work on Seesaw and in videos and pictures your parents have emailed me.  Today I am going to ask your parents to send me a picture of your Choice Board so I can see which choices you made this week! I saw a lot of reading in blanket forts, nonfiction book reading, math facts, and trick words written in chalk this week.  Here are some more pictures of firstie Choice Board activities…


…and some pictures of completed Choice Boards!  Amazing work!

Click here to watch a slideshow of Room 22 Remote Learning Week 1!

Week 1 Slideshow

I hope you are listening to The Runaway Dolls or some of the other books I am reading and posting in the Read Aloud folder.  My favorite this week was definitely GRUMPY MONKEY! 

Did you like it?  If you did, tell me your favorite part in the comments down below!  (I just found out Grumpy Monkey is a series.  Look at the two books that come next!)


This week we had some firstie families participate in the NPS Shares the Love challenge.  Here are pictures of their window and door hearts.  Nice job Room 22 Famlies!  Wait until you see the challenge for next week!  It is going to be so much fun!

Super work this week firsties!  I miss you but I’m glad I got to see you TWICE in Zoom.  Next week we are going to meet as a whole class on Monday but on Wednesday and Thursday we are going to meet in small groups!  I’m so excited for that!  Have a great weekend!  If you celebrate Easter…Happy Easter!

🙂  Miss Carlson

Leaving you with a couple ways to Go Bananas!

and a Tooty Ta…

April 8

Awesome Artwork

Happy Wednesday Firsties & Firstie Friends and Family!

Yesterday, one of the Seesaw activities was to watch the Art for Kids Hub video to do a guided drawing of a bunny.  So many firsties did the drawing that I thought I would post them here.  If you didn’t get to Seesaw yesterday and you still want to draw the bunny, I’m posting the video here too!  Email me a picture of your bunny when you’re done!

Today, there is an Easter pug guided drawing on Seesaw if you feel like drawing again today!

You are also doing an awesome job choosing and completing Choice Board activities.  Keep those pictures and videos of you working on the Choice Board coming!  Here are some I received yesterday:

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

🙂  Miss Carlson